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Governing Committee


Nardo De Amicis

Principal Officer with overall responsibility for the governance and management and is the point of contact for the general public. Representing the opinions of the members in relation to the operations, planning and development of the club.

Vice President

Brandon Anset

Second Principal Officer who aids in club operations and supporting the President to help fulfill their duties. In the absence of the President the Vice President assumes the role of Principal Officer.


Susanne Womersley

The Chief Executive Officer of Geelong Archers Inc and the Public Officer of the club. The Secretary is directly responsible to the Executive Committee, and provides the link between the Executive Committee and members.


Maria De Amicis

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of Geelong Archers Inc. and as such is an officer of the Association and shall be directly responsible to the Executive Committee and the members of the club.


Web Master

The Webmaster manages the club’s web pages as well as other sites and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of the club’s online presence.


Kelvin Pedofsky

The Recorder keeps track of club members’ scores shot during club championships events and regular club shoots. They are in charge of the shooting calendar, keeping archers records up to date and managing classification and shooting awards.

Come and Try Coordinator

Stephanie Parry

Responsible for the organisation of introductory courses and facilitating new member enquiries. Also acts as the point of contact for groups (school groups, scout groups, work break ups etc.) wanting to do a one off Come & Try session.

Member Protection Information Officer

Lynette Pearson

The MPIO is the first point of contact in the club for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment and abuse. Providing confidential information and moral support to the person with the concern or who is alleging harassment.

Field Marshall

David Partridge

The Field Marshall's primary role is to implement the AA/WA ‘Rules of Shooting’ and oversee all matters relating to the management of shooting. The role is mostly involved with assisting to implement a safe shooting environment.

Property Officer

Position Vacant

The Property Officer is in charge of the maintenance of all club equipment. They are also responsible for organising and maintaining the club facilities and grounds including landscaping and caring for the field course and target range


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